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Credit Insurance!

In Coface we believe that properly managed credit risks have a true value for each and every company. Moreover: responsible risk management starts far before issuing first invoice, this is why:

  • as one of pioneers in Business Information industry we are keeping our databases up to date
  • we are reviewing our clients portfolio on a regular basis
  • Coface as one of Risk Management authorities is regularly performing economic research and sharing results with all clients



We invite you to renew our past negotiation on Credit Insurance, this time having prepared a deeper assessment – scroll down to see more!

Credit Insurance

First step to secure your risks

You are insuring: your life, health and future. Future of your company is built on issued invoices and on an income from them. Insuring your risks gives you a peace of mind and sureness, that even if one of your buyers will not pay, your company’s future will be safe. What do you gain?

  • protection against delayed payments or insolvency of your buyers
  • security in domestic and foreign trade
  • support of an international partner and credibility in the eyes of contractors and financial institutions

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know more

20 free of charge credit limit pre-checks

Know more with 20 free of charge Credit Limit pre-checks and receive our risk comments and a free Credit Report for buyers every buyer not covered in full. 

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secure your risks

12 months of free monitoring service

Keep your most important risks under control with 12 months of free Monitoring Service for your buyers.

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portfolio scan

risk assessment of your entire portfolio

Have an eye on your entire portfolio with Free Porfolio Scan

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